Ghost or no Ghost?

Ghost or no Ghost?

I would have never imagined the world wide web would get to a place that you need your own personal “ghost”, to talk for you, tweet for you, blog for you, and pretend like you on your Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter accounts.

Today many celebrities and businesses hire an outside contractor or a private firm to do all their social networking.

Whether it’s the blog update or just a tweet, they must regularly manage all of the clients’ social networking blogs. These people often times remain hidden, so you never know that people like Nick Cannon aren’t actually writing any of their status updates or their tweets, Cannon has his own personal ghost who was hired to do all of his feedback and keep up with all of the stuff coming in on his sites.

Ghosts are paid to manage all the public relations and social networking campaigns are actually much more successful and cost effective then a traditional public relations campaign.

Kinsey Schofield is a “ghostblogger” who on average has at least 7 clients who she is pretending to be on a daily basis. Schofield is part of the increasing number of outside contractors hired to manage a business or celebrity’s social media channels. She is given bullet points from clients such as Kiyosaki the famous best-selling author and investor.

Ghostblogging started about 5 years ago with huge companies like General Motors and Microsoft.

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