‘Gossip Girl’ and Others Branding Sex in Ads


via ‘Gossip Girl’ and Others Branding Sex in Ads – ABC News.

Do advertising campaigns like American Apparel’s and Gossip Girl’s portray an unrealistic image of sexuality and maturity that negatively influences its target audience- teenagers and young adults?

This article focuses on the trend of hyper-sexuality in advertising, from clothing companies to T.V. shows. Shows like Gossip Girl influence and mold youth behavior, such as clothing choices to more important choices like sexual behavior.  Ad executive John Klein is quoted saying the following:

“The market segment to which his ads appeal has lost all sense,” Klein said. “All morality, all the good taste, all the propriety is gone.”

In my lifetime I have seen the progression of hyper-sexuality in advertising displayed everywhere- internet, email, coupons, commercials, magazine ads, we could increase the list ad infinitum. It has come to a point where some advertisements border on pornography, like the American Apparel ad shown here. In my opinion, sex certainly sells, but it is not the only effective option for selling a product.

This article has led me to ask the question:

Are there any effective ad campaigns that do not use sexuality to promote their product?

One Response to “‘Gossip Girl’ and Others Branding Sex in Ads”
  1. Amber says:

    I agree. Sex does sell but I don’t necessarily want to see it all the time. When I was a kid I would have for sure been persuaded by such ads. Anyways, sex is nothing to be ashamed of but we have to be perhaps more morally conscious of who is looking at such ads I.e. Children who are very much impressionable. Buts who’s responsibility is that? Parents? The media?

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