Why is Tiger Woods spending time with other women?

Why is he quitting golf?

Maybe he’s tired of the media!

Tiger Woods is one of the best golfers in the world.  As one of the nation’s best golfers Tiger is very wealthy. He is sponsored by numerous different corporations including Gatorade and Nike and has represented many notable brands and companies. Tiger is not only known for his athletic ability, but also as a positive role model. Tiger woods has been in every social media source available, not just in the last two weeks, but for a majority of his life and golf career. Tiger has announced that he will be taking a break from golf until further notice. The media can take away anything and everything from an individuals pride, reputation, social status, and dignity.  The exact opposite of the when he was recognized as a world champion golfer, the first person to become  media generously gave him anything and everything when he was 21 years old  . Fortune and fame comes with a high price. Tiger has been in advertisements, commercials, billboards, magazines, websites, blogs, and also charity events.  Imagine the way tiger feels having everything you do known to the public, and every mistake being published on the cover of every tabloid. He is a father who has dedicated a large amount of time to golf.  Media sources have swarmed him with number of accusations, from his behavior, a recent car accident, and infidelity. Tiger has tried to protect his reputation by paying magazines to publish harmful information about these recent scandals. I can’t imagine how humiliating and painful this is for Tiger and his family. Why is tiger quitting golf and spending time with random women? Is he using drugs?  He can’t pay the media to leave him alone and stay out of his life. I don’t personally know tiger woods, but I do know that he is only human and all humans make mistakes and are fallible human beings.  Life is constantly a struggle for those who don’t ask questions.

You thought you knew Tiger?

Maybe. Maybe not.


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  1. Brett Poncia says:

    Tiger woods has recently gone through a lot of criticism and judgement because of his infidelity confessions, yet as the worlds best golfer, he is still earning more money than any other athlete in the world. 90% of his earnings come from endorsments from companies such as Nike, Gatorade, and Gillette. Tiger has been M.I.A. for a few weeks and taken a leave of absence from the sport and must look to get his life back together but most importantly his family back together.

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