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Why is Tiger Woods spending time with other women? Why is he quitting golf? Maybe he’s tired of the media! Tiger Woods is one of the best golfers in the world.  As one of the nation’s best golfers Tiger is very wealthy. He is sponsored by numerous different corporations including Gatorade and Nike and has … Continue reading

Ghost or no Ghost?

Ghost or no Ghost? I would have never imagined the world wide web would get to a place that you need your own personal “ghost”, to talk for you, tweet for you, blog for you, and pretend like you on your Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter accounts. Today many celebrities and businesses hire an outside contractor … Continue reading

‘Gossip Girl’ and Others Branding Sex in Ads

{{desc}} via ‘Gossip Girl’ and Others Branding Sex in Ads – ABC News. Do advertising campaigns like American Apparel’s and Gossip Girl’s portray an unrealistic image of sexuality and maturity that negatively influences its target audience- teenagers and young adults? This article focuses on the trend of hyper-sexuality in advertising, from clothing companies to T.V. … Continue reading

Is Gossip Girl Scandalous and Provocative?

    Gossip Girl Parents are extremely disturbed by the recent Gossip Girl commercials and advertisements. The photographs are scandalous, disturbing, and revealing but yet so enticing to many teenage girls. What if Gossip Girl didn’t have such provocative media advertisements? In my opinion if Gossip Girl changed their marketing campaigns then they would be false … Continue reading